Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the SBB statistics portal. For further questions or feedback please contact


The “Unhide years” command can be used to display the last five years for a key indicator. If you are looking for older data, please contact

Unhide years

You can download individual rows as a CSV file (“Download” icon).

Download a table row

The “Save view” command will save the view that is currently selected. The opened rows and displayed years will therefore appear when you next visit the page.

An “i” icon indicates the existence of a footnote or a file to download. These options do not exist in every row.

A footnote provides an explanation for certain key indicators. An «i» icon indicates the availability of information of this kind.

The figures are generally updated once a year for the SBB Annual Media Conference. This is held in mid-March each year. There are exceptions, however. For example, the boarding and alighting figures are only updated every two years and in the autumn.

It is embedded using an HTML embed code. This code is created using the widget generator in the SBB statistics portal. This code can be inserted into a relevant content element on your website.